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All photos are processed and edited in Lightroom or Photoshop.


Please review your picture proofs and forward the “file number”.jpg for selected photos to be retouched. 


Included with each retouching order:

  • High res file for printing;

  • Low res file for Web, Linkedin, social networks…


You will receive an invoice if you choose more pictures than your package amount. 


Additional images can be edited for $45 basic retouching or $65 advanced retouching. 



BASIC RETOUCHING  ($45  additional per image) includes:

  • Color correction

  • White balance

  • Brightness

  • Contrast, Shadows

  • Remove dark circles under eyes


ADVANCED RETOUCHING  ($65  additional per image) includes:

  • Skin retouching: remove any blemishes, remove or reduce wrinkles, skin smoothing, remove or reduce moles;

  • Sharpen the eyes;

  • Teeth whitening;

  • Hair: remove stray hairs or strands that appear over the face, fill any gaps in hair, remove grays;

  • Removing objects from the background.

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